4 Replies to “How can I sell my business idea to some finance or insurance company in India?”

  1. How do you categorize conceptually the IDEA – How will you describe the same to a Company without spilling your Intellectual Property ? Do you have a NDA Agreement in place? Can you quantify how much a Company can benefit from your idea in real terms- hence a notional
    value of your idea, your expectations? How much can you share if you are guided How to Sell Your IDEA** (**T&C apply) .

  2. for this ,you will have to contact some finance or insurance company.secondly,it depends on what is the originality and is there in your Idea and how it will benefit the company.If you are having some unique and beneficial idea ,you will certainly be rewarded by these companies.hence,please try.I wish you all the best.

  3. Check if it’s patentable or not. If yes, do get to the patent pending status by submitting the application about your IDEA and disclose the same with companies you want to go with. This would be the safest route to protect your idea if they are unique and nonexistence.
    I read some where that business practice can not be patented. However since you have idea that’s unknown to world, check with patent attorney’s so that they will guide you by which you will have much greater success with your idea.

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