How can i save money?

My salary is 14,000 Rs. in india. How can I save money? I am married. I am not able control in my expenses.

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  1. By a rough calculation you should try to keep 20% of your earning and rest should be spend on your life style to enjoy that beautiful present of yours.This should continue upto the time you earn.then after that you can use it .best deal to save is through Recurring deposit schemes and Mutual funds on SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) basis.Then put the accumulated funds in the fixed deposit scheme every year.You can save as well as enjoy the life also

  2. Your salary is 14000, but how much is your own salary. This is a question most people will not be able to answer. Have you divided your salary into the earnings for each member of your family and then arrived at the amount each person should get according to their inputs. Or are you just putting everything into the household expenses without doing any calculation at all. Most of us are very lazy when it comes to doing calculations so the best way to save is to take out the saving amount right in the beginning of the month just like you take out the rent and the bills. Treat saving as unimportant or something that can be done after taking care of your expenses and you will have nothing to save. Put your savings in instruments that cannot be accessed easily like PPF or 3year mutual funds with lock in period and you will see your earnings grow.
    Best of luck.

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