How can I pay my actual credit card usage?

I have a HDFC Credit card and I am going to pay my dues back but not as per the terms of the bank. I am going to pay it in my own terms for the money I have used, how can I do it? I also do not want to damage my credit report in CIBIL. Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You have to pay the minimum amount they stipulate. If you do not, they may cancel your card, and you will loose your credit rating. If you want to pay more than the minimum, that will be OK

  2. Dude… you are swimming with sharks and you will get bitten. You have to pay them what they want. No if’s, but’s, or and’s about it. Have a goal to pay them in full each month for best credit. Don’t play stupid games with them.

  3. hi u need to pay as their terms if u want to counter then they may put ur name in CIBIL………..JUST PAY UR FULL DUES BEFORE THEIR PAMENT DUE DATE. its they dcecided to issue a credit card mere filling a form for cc does not mean ul get the card……… u ve been given its up to u to take care oft the credit in proper way,..out of 10 people who aply for a credit card only 3 get cc its up to you………… if u spoil your credit other banks too will shut the door for u…………

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