How can I manage both grand ceremony and electricity saving?

I am very confused about the arrangements, my brother is getting married this December, and we are planning to celebrate it highly in a 5 star hotel with a lots of friends and family members. On the other hand we are also thinking about how to save electricity, but without huge lighting the whole ceremony will be very dull.

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  1. Since its going to be a grand wedding in a five star hotel, the consumption of electricity will be huge. Here are some of the steps to save electricity;
    -use lighting equipments of some reliable brands which have energy star rating on their products like Havells Sylvania.
    -use only energy saving lights like CFL and LED.
    -switch off unnecessary items when not in use like, A/Cs, music systems etc. dont keep any power equipments on standby mode.
    -use slow running water tape.

  2. Do a daytime ceremony and reception.

    If you can afford a 5 star wedding, you shouldn’t be worried about the cost of lighting.

    I reckon you only pay a global facility fee anyways, regardless of any hotel resources used.

    It is up to them to choose energy saving lighting and other systems,

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