How can I lose my fat rolls and get a flat stomach?

I am 16 years old, 5’6 and I weigh 136. I want to get rid of my fat rolls and have a flat stomach but no matter what I do, nothing works.

I’ve been doing sit ups but I and have been eating healthy but I don’t feel a difference. I also heard doing sit ups will just build muscles UNDER my fat. I want to know anything I can do to lose the fat in a month.

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  1. Nothing’s been working and all you’ve done is situps? I wonder why… What you heard is right, working on your ab muscles has nothing to do with the fat on top.

    Keep up your healthy diet, that’s the MOST important part. But once you combine that with aerobic exercise, you’ll start losing fat. You cannot lose fat in just one place, you can only lose overall body fat.

    Aerobic exercise examples include: biking for 45 minutes, running for 45 minutes, swimming (freestyle stroke) laps for 30-45minutes every morning etc

    anything that gets you breathing heavy and sweating for long periods of time. Make it a habit. But you certainly won’t lose it in just a month, losing fat is a slow process whether you like it or not. You could lose up to 10lbs in a month, though.

  2. u should definetly do more then just sit ups because ur right; it can just build muscle under fat. you should go out and run alot as well as sit ups. biking and swimming are some really good things to do as well. i suggest that you run for 1 hour a day and then go swimming for 45 minutes. keep doin sit ups and eat healthy. 🙂

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