How can I invest some money in Share Market? How can I follow my investment?

I want to Invest some money in Share market, but i am unable to understand the market facts & its growth etc..
Plz send me detailed procedure to investing the money

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  1. You have two way to invest in stock market one is direct investment you need demate account other option is you invest through mutual fund.

  2. If it would have been so simple, everybody would have simply followed a printed manual to do the thing. What say?

    It requires reading, discussions with investors – in short, INTERACTIONS.

    Learn is the keyword.

  3. If you want to invest money in share market then you need Demat trading account which is necessary for trading in stock market. For demat account you need PAN card. So if your PAN card is ready then only you are eligible for demat account otherwise not. After opening demat account, you can opt for trade in stock market, a broker always helps to trade in share market with some brokerage charges.

  4. For Investing in Share market,you shold have a demat account because the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has made it compulsory to open a demat account if you want to buy and sell shares in the Indian share market.

    Then Subscribe to a dealer or securities investment firm with ties to the Indian stock market. The determining factor in the recruitment of financial markets is an experience in which you invest your money. Brokers can be expensive, but tend to respond quickly to questions about individual actions.

    When a person want to buy/sell shares in the share market then you have to first place the order with a broker or can do himself using online trading systems .When you buy a share, the message is transferred to the exchange [either NSE or BSE ] and the order stays in the queue of exchange’s other orders and gets executed if the price of that share comes to that value. Once you get the confirmation of this transaction, the shares purchased, will be sent to your demat account. The shares will be stored in demat account in electronic format.

  5. I started investing and this website called really helped me out. It helps you get the financial analysis for each stock and helps you easily find the right companies to invest in, below their intrinsic value and gives timing signals for buy/sell moves.. very good site

  6. firstly you have to open a demat account because demat account is mandatory for the investing money in stock market. secondly you should have basic knowledge about the stock trading.
    now the procedure for stock trading-
    1. firstly open demat account
    2. download the software for the trading from where you open demat account like as from UNICON INVESTMENT SOLUTION etc.
    3.login your account.
    4. now you start trading and buy shares of company and sell the shares when you think that it will be profitable.

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