How can I get a certified copy of my late grandfather’s property?

My father and his brothers want to disown me from their property. But, I know that I have legal rights on the property (a farm) which was purchased by my grandfather and later transferred in the name of his sons (my father is one of them) after his death. I do not even know, how much land did my grandfather have? I want to have the copy of the same. I live in Mumbai but the the said farm is in my hometown. How do I go about it?

How can I get a certified copy of my late grandfather’s property?
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  1. by legal rights, do you mean an equity interest on the deed

    you can get a certified copy of the deed from the “recorder of deeds” in the court house that services your county

  2. dear , according to my information u have no rights on the property if a will had made by your grand father .and if there is no will then you have right on your grand father’s can get a certified copy from the office of tehsildaar or halqa patwari.if the record is very old then you can get a copy from tehsil or distt. land revanue office by paying a nomonal fee. but if u knows the kitta no. khatoni no. and khata no. there will be easyness to find out the records.

  3. if you know the Survey Number and address of the property, you can apply for encumbrance certificate from the Registrar office concerned.

    That encumbrance certificate will have the details of transactions done on the property with the document number and date.

    you can apply a certified copy of the document quoting the Document number and date, to the registrar by paying the required fees for same.

    Registrar will give in two to three working days the copy of the document.

  4. Good Evening Sir

    Sivakumar. E,
    Place: Sengottai

    My ancestors property (Grandfather’s father’s) was sold to an outsider in 2000 by my father when I was 14 years old. He signed on behalf of me without my knowledge. Then we( my mother, elder sister and me) shifted to Kerala later to Chennai. He died in Chennai in 2013. Last month I met my relatives and they informed about the property.
    Can I get my ancestors property back?
    Kindly guide me the legal possibilities and procedures..

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