3 Replies to “How can I get 200 to 300 hector forest / privet land for plantation in maharashtra?”

  1. Maharashtra is big state, you need to first circle down to the location of your interest and estimate your budget. Then consult some good real estate broker in that city to get information about that.

  2. You can apply to Dept.of forest for land for development of barren land for plantation on easy lease.
    for promoting forestry in the state.For pvt.land you have to go through a broker or news paper ad.&
    you can do whatever you like thogh require a huge investment.You may not get a pvt.land of such a big size & you may have to negotiate with various sellers for nearby lands also.

  3. Forest land can not be allotted for individuals for for plantation.
    You have to acquire private land for plantation purposes with required clearances from local authorities.

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