6 Replies to “How can i find out the on going rate of my property? What is the best way to know the property rates?”

  1. Just put a board ‘Property for sale’ and give your contact number. You will receive hundreds of phone calls. You can easily find out the demand for your property and approximate maximum price.

  2. Read the classified ads and try to match properties that are similar to yours.
    Find similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood. Talk to the neighbors.
    Talk to a bank and ask them what they would loan for it. That would be pretty accurate.

  3. talk to your neightbours and find out what they are paying or phone the council and ask for leaflet on RATES in general and your area

  4. zillow.com is the fastest way, put in your address. but it certainly is not the best or accurate way.
    get a list of recently sold properties (aquire from the board of real estate of your region, they all have monthly publications) in your area and COMPARE those properies with your house based on year built, sq footage, # of beds and baths, pool and what ever that adds value to your porperty and adjust properly.
    if you are considering selling your property or getting a loan, you can/have to always spend a few hundred dollars to get an appraisal.

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