How can I file income tax returns for my Earnings over Internet?

I am venu from INDIA. I want some suggestions. I will be earning some money every month over Internet. for the last year I have earned 4 lakhs. Now I want to file Income tax. But I don’t know whom to consult and which form to fill up for filing the tax. Can anybody suggest me the answer of what form to file the tax ? or Is there any tax rules for earning money over Internet.

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  1. Contact a C.A. (Chartered Accountant) for filing of your income tax return.
    As he will also help you to sort out if any queries implied by Income Tax Department after filing the return.

  2. You must file IT retuns. Your form depend on the nature of income you receive. If you receive business income and gross receipts exceed Rs. 10 lakhs or net income exceed Rs. 1.2 lakhs you have to maintain books of account. If you fail to maintain books penalty will be levied by the department. In case you are professional you have to maintain books irrespective of the receipts. You may consult a good CA or TRP or Tax consultanat.

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