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  1. Making a motor vehicle insurance claim
    The process for motor vehicle insurance claims is as follows:

    Fill in a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form
    Attach a copy of the Driver’s Licence
    Attach the original quotation for repairs or, the invoice or receipt for replacement of windscreen
    Send completed form to Insurance Officer ((OFS)
    Insurance Officer:
    Check the details of the claim report
    Make any corrections as required
    Make two copies of the claim
    Return the originals to the claimant driver / budget unit concerned
    Lodge the the claim with the insurance company by letter.
    Place the original report in the vehicle for the insurance assessor.

    Arrange for the insurance assessor to inspect the vehicle and authorise the necessary repairs to be carried out.

    Collect the original claim report for the insurance company.

    Carry out the work
    Invoice the insurance company for the cost (less the excess amount)
    Invoice the financial unit of the University for the excess (currently $500).
    Arrange for the payment of the excess. If the repairer requires a cheque for the excess before releasing the vehicle, fill in a Non-order Payment Request for a cheque to the repairer and attach a copy of the claim.
    The excess, in the case of salary sacrifice cars, is charged to the officer’s salary sacrifice account, or the financial unit of the driver (at the time of the accident).
    The excess for centre owned vehicles is the charged to the financial unit of the driver (in an accident, or if the centre can prove a particular staff driver caused the damage), otherwise it is borne by the centre.
    Pick up the vehicle from the repairer.
    Advise the Insurance Officer of the completion of the claim.

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