6 Replies to “How can I directly invest in mutual fund to avoid the entry load?”

  1. You can invest in mutual funds through the companies like fidelity. their are some funds where they dont charge you the entry load, or even other fees.

  2. If you buy into a no-load fund you will advoid the upfront sales charge. But the annual expenses can be 2- 3 times as much. Either way your paying about the same over the life of your investment in most cases. You need to decide do you what to pay the sales charge up front, on the backend, or annually with the higher expense costs.

  3. Contact a Primerica Rep, a Fidelity rep or a Smith Barney Rep. But if you are not paying up front fees,you end up paying long term management fees. Either way you will have to pay something for the mutual fund to be managed. The rep will explain the benefits of A stock verses B stock or paying up front verses long term fees. The best answer depends upon your investment needs and risks you can tolerate.

  4. you could directly approach the fund house and fill ur form with them to avoid entry charges.

    But isnt 2.25% a small fee that you could bear for all the services and advise that you could get from a Financial Consultant?????

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