7 Replies to “how can i create new acount in icici bank?”

  1. What you can do is give a C/o address of your neighbour or anybody who is willing to give you their address. If it is for a bank account, most people oblige. Except if you have some criminal background.

  2. If you know anybody who has got a account in ICICI Bank, with the help of a person you can open an account Yours BRAVURA

  3. First do you have account in any other .
    If yes then verify it from your bank and stamp of that bank on you photo.It can be used as id proof
    otherwise if your co. can provide you identity card that ll work.and your residence proof.

  4. First open the post office saving A/c by the help of post master they will provide a pass book ;you paste your photo on the address page and get signature from the post master now you have address proof even you can use as proof for voting. To open a saving a/c in post office will cost you just Rs.100

  5. first of all u cannot create an account, u can only open one.
    secondaly no id proof , no account. thirdly learning hardware and networking has nothing to do with opening an account with any bank.
    u have to have id proof and u must be earning money to deposit in your account.

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