How can I calculate Mortality charges ?

Hi friends I want to know that what is the perfect way to find the mortality charges in our premium of life insurance. I know it depends on age. But how can i calculate ???

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  1. It depends on the insurance. If you look at a statement and it tells you the mortality charges then there’s no need to calculate it. But, if it doesn’t tell you then there’s really no way to do so because you won’t know what they other fees are in the policy…taxes, admin fees, policy fees, etc…. You can also check the policy itself, but not all insurances show you.

  2. You can’t. You can look in your policy and see if it is there.

    If not, then call your insurance company and ask for an illustration that shows the mortality charges. Good Luck on getting that info out of the insurance company. And, get ready for sticker shock when you see how much they charge when your older.

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