How can I become an Insurance agent in India?

I want to become an insurance agent. I already work full time but I like the idea of earning some money in my spare time. How do I go about it?

How can I become an Insurance agent in India?
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  1. First make up your mind in which insurance company you are going to work. Then talk to their Marketing Head or the Development Officer. They will guide you. Occasionally these insurance companies conduct training courses for new agents/insurance advisors. After the training, you have to attend an online test conducted by IRDA. If you pass the test, you submit your marks card to the insurance company and complete required formalities, after which they will allow you to work as Agent/Insurance Advisor. You will receive the letter from IRDA in due course.

  2. To become an advisor you need to be at least 18 years old, have the relevant age, identity and address proofs, and is at least Class 12 pass.
    Then, you need to analyse whether you have a good enough market and will be able to sell insurance as becoming an agent and then you are not able to sell insurance policies, actually doesn’t make sense.
    Then, you need to fill up the relevant forms along with Yellow Form for IRDA Registration with the Insurance Company you wish to join. For an agent to start sourcing business, he needs to have an IRDA license under any Insurance Company. To acquire this license you need to complete 50 hours of mandatory training from that insurance company. Only once the training is completed you will be issued a Training Completion Certificate from that Insurer to sit for the online or offline IRDA exam. Then you need to score 50% to pass the test. Once you passes the test, you will be issued an IRDA License and then you can start sourcing business for the Insurance Company you are registered with.
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    Rupanjali M

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