How can I add my name to property in Haryana and how much it will cost?

Currently property is in name of my Father & Brother . My brother has loan on property from a private bank . I gave money to my father to invest in property jointly with my brother . How can I have my name added nd how much it will cost. My 1st option is adding my name and keeping my father name and second option of removing my father name and adding my nane

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3 Replies to “How can I add my name to property in Haryana and how much it will cost?”

  1. you can ask your father to write a settlement deed and register in your favour in respect of his share. Registration will cost little only.

    Since the loan is in force, he can mention in the settlement deed itself that fact.

  2. Your Q is a bit weird.

    Since your father and brother are the owners of the property they have the right of option to either include you or not as co-owner.

    How do you ask “How can I add my name to property”?

    And how do you add a name to any property? In which document do you add this name?

    Your father and brother need to excecute some instrument (legal document on stamp paper) in your favour, that will declare you as co-owner.

    For the 2nd option, your father needs to sign a Release Deed, relinquishing his share in your favour.

    You need a lawyer.


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