3 Replies to “how can a senior citizen manage with reducing interest rates?”

  1. invest in high yeild bonds
    invest in oil royalty trusts
    investing in preferred stocks paying dividends
    invest in stocks that pay high dividends

    See your financial advisor

    The other side of low interest rates is LOW LOW inflation.

  2. low interest does not comes with low inflation.
    as the scenario now
    there is no low inflation – prices has not fallen but has increased in fact.
    gold is over 15000Rs/ gm.
    what you can try is the corporate debentures but you will have to select stable companies as now also they provide 9-10% interest.
    it can be somewhat risky if u dont select a proper stable company.

  3. The interest rates in postal savings account and other bonds in Post office are higher than bank rates. Try in post office. In respect of mutual funds and bonds, you should carefully choose and wait until the economy turns for increased dividends. SBI MF to me appears to pay much higher dividend.

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