4 Replies to “How can a fish tank be cooled in summer because lot of my gold fishes are dying because of more heat in summer?”

  1. They do have chillers for the tanks but they are really expensive. Try keeping the lights off as long as possible and keeping the air around the tank as cool as possible. This will help some,

  2. Air conditioning is probably the easiest solution to all of this, but if you can’t do that. Move your fish to a shady area as far away from the sun as possible. The basement is best, as it’s always cool there. Ice is also somewhat of a solution… Place some icechips in a bag, open up the filter top and set it on top of the flowing water, that’ll cool the water down. But the ice will also melt and you’ll have to replace it quite often, not something I’d like to do in the middle of the night.

  3. Airstones help

    You could float frozen ziplock bags of water in the tank.

    Leave the top open..

    if you have an incandescant hood (uses regular screw in light bulbs) then leave the lights off.

    Do a small water change

    Block any direct sunlight…

    these are all things i have done to lower tank temps..

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