5 Replies to “How are mutual funds values related to stock prices?”

  1. The first answer is basically correct. If the fund is a composite of say 20 trading stocks, then those stocks control the mutual trend. But many funds contain or are made up of other securities, some of which are not traded as stocks are. Most funds provide a listing of all the holdings they have, and it’s wise to look that over when considering one.

  2. Equity Mutual funds buy stocks. Depending upon the portfolio of the fund , the NAV will go up or down .

    If the value of the shares in the portfolio go up , then NAV goes up.

    Since a mutual fund has a diversified portfolio , the change in NAV is marginal on any given day.

  3. mutual funds values related to stock prices as per their holding percentage in stocks and appreciation/depreciation in rates of those stocks

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