2 Replies to “How are developments in the rural areas effect the changes on the potential for insurance sector?”

  1. Rural market has been ignored from a long time by all the insurance companies. But, it has been observed that with increase in per capital income and better life style of people leaving in rural areas, they now have more purchasing power. They now are more literate and understand the need of insurance, it may be for life, cattle, or even agricultural.
    Thus insurance companies have started designing products which are customized to fulfill their needs and are quite affordable too.
    These products usually have low premium and are now being aggressively marketed by major life insurance companies as they see a huge potential in rural areas.

    Vishal Kashyap,

  2. I Agree with Vishal Sir, That the scene of Insurance in Rural Area is changing. Now there are companies coming up with innovative products to attract the rural market. Agri-products , equipments, cattle , farms, livestock’s, go-downs, etc are being catered by many insurance companies. I believe that in coming future, the revenue earned by these companies will be majorly from Rural sector.

    So its time to gear up and utilize the maximum potential in Rural market.

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