how and why gold is rated in international market?

i still cant understand about basic factors how and why gold range is fluctuating all day??y not platinum??why it depends upon currency someone clarify and also ur suggestions and factors related to this.
sorry i don know in what category to put this:(may be g.k or awareness)
sorry i don know in what category to put this:(may be g.k or awareness)

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  1. Gold has been desired throughout the history of our planet by almost every established culture as the ultimate symbol of power, wealth, beauty, and accomplishment. Because gold is highly valued and in very limited supply it has been used as money for more than 6,000 years.

    Gold’s luster and brilliance occupies a special place in the human mind. Generally, people refer their loved and respected ones with this Yellow Metallic name like Golden Man, Golden Girl, Golden Heart, while the course of events have been referred to by them all as Golden Chance and Golden Opportunity. This shows how people irrespective of their culture and nationality, regard gold as a part and parcel of their lives. Empires and Kingdoms rose and fell throughout the history for want of Gold, and in the quest of Gold. The Gold has always been its own value. It is the most ancient form of money still used today. No other rare metal holds a more visible and prominent place in our society.
    Gradually but progressively, Gold once again is proven to be the only viable alternative to the fragile and flawed currency reserves of the world.

    Gold is internationally, a stabilizing factor in protecting the monetary interest of nations. With the implications of flexible debt based paper, monetary systems and related political consequences, the reintroduction of Gold currency can be expected. The Islamic Dinar is a recently created 100% gold currency that is striving to become the currency of more than one billion Muslims.

    In the midst of a Global currency devaluation scenario, one can’t help but notice that while oil is supreme in the commodities arena; Gold reigns in the monetary system and has enjoyed this unique esteem for years. Gold is strategic in the protection of currency stability.

    The seemingly hidden link between Oil and Gold is undeniable. Preferring tangible assets, the oil producing nations of the Middle East, understand that Gold is unmistakably the true international currency. The realization, nay consensus that these oil exporting nations are trading in an increasingly diminishing and valuable product, where production might not be able to keep up with demand by 2010, for deficit prone paper currency is becoming more evident.

    Historically, the value of national currencies may rise and fall but the value of gold remains remarkably stable. Gold fulfils the function of money and is accepted worldwide as a form of payment.

    Gold can be readily bought or sold 24-hours a day in one or more markets around the world. Gold offers secure value and is easy to invest. Gold is the most liquid asset.

    Read more about usage of Gold, its supply and demand here :

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