how and where to to invest money?

im a 22 year guy. my salary is approximately 1 lacs and i want to invest and save it for future. i was thinking mutual funds but thats only one option, i want to invest in different schemes at the same time. i want to save money for parents , are their any options/schemes. thanks
i can invest about 80-85% of my salary

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  1. Adam im 19 and i am in the same situation as you. I invest about 75% of my salary in this website . It is an investment company that invests in successful businesses all over the world and sells shares to the average investor. Pays way better returns than investing in the stock market. Check it out

  2. Invest in mutual funds for diversification and save
    a small portion in a bank for emergency’s.
    Read all you can about investing and when you think
    you are ready, try single stocks.

  3. Investment will depend upon what you has to do after 3,5,10 years.Systematic Investment Plan of good mutual fund will be good investment.
    Some portion in real estate, fixed deposits, Life insurance policy,gold inthe form of Krugerrand may be considered.
    An investment of Rs 1,000 every month (between September 24, 2007 and September 21, 2012) in ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund, Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund and HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities would have earned about 18 per cent.

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