6 Replies to “How about sundaram mutual fund performance?”

  1. Performance of sundaram mutual fund is really good but all company collect money at high market in 2008 just because of that the performance of those scheme is worst.

  2. Mutual fund investment depends on stock market it’s also effected by market volatility you want to know about sunderam mutual fun the performance of sundaram is better except one scheme which comes at top market.

  3. Follows but does not exceed market like some others. Good for diversification of fund house..

    Caution : Note that all fund houses are doing badly nowadays due to the general economic conditions. Only advantage of mutual funds for the next year or two is that there is no tax deduction either on dividend or sale unless you go in for SIP.


  4. Hello,

    Personally, I would not recommend you to invest in mutual fund in general. First reason, it does not matter if they making or losing money in your account, you still have to pay them fees. Second, 95% of mutual fund tend to only buy stock and not short. Meaning that your account will only profit when the market going up. If the market stay side way or down (like right now), you lose. Third, the law stated that they always need to invest money in the stock market and can only hold small percentage of the money in cash. Meaning, even if they know the market going down, they can not take your money out of the market.

    If you can, you should do some research and invest in hedge fund. More risk but the return is much better. Another choice is just buy the SPY or sector ETF. It have just as much diversification as mutual fund, however, you can get out at anytime you like.

    Sorry for the grammar but that is my two cents. Good luck to you.

  5. First understand the Why/How’s of performance metrics of MF’s and post your query w.r.to the specific type of Fund relative to similar funds of other asset managers. Else at these times you can construct your own Equity portfolio MF and assign it a name yourself.

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