Hospital fails to give cash receipt for the claim? What to do next?

A famous hospital approved by the Govt. of Tamilnadu in Kumbakonam failed to issue the cash receipt for the amount paid for the treatment. They said the claims and reimbursement is not entertained. Instead they gave the details and the amount paid in their letter pad with revenue stamp sticked and sealed and it is signed by the Doctor and doctor’s seal. The insurance company is saying that they need the cash receipt. Kindly help me what to do next.

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  3. Letter pad with a revenue stamp is more than enough, since Insurance is requesting for cash receipts Get a Authentication letter signed by the Hospital with the Govt seal affixed on it. I feel that will suffix.

    And mention on the letter as cash receipt like how we cross the cheque with Account payee.

  4. the amount written in letter pad,vth revenue stamp & signed by doctor from govt hospital, is considered as a cash receipt & the insurance company has to accept it. Its the fault of insurance company not accepting such,,,,,just wrie CASH RECEIPT” on the head of paper as TITLE,,then see wat happens,,they ll accept it,,

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