Home Loan repayment for ICICI bank?

Hi All,
I have taken Home Loan from ICICI bank and i want to repay some extra amount in advance coz EMI is slighly higher for me. In such case any idea what procedure to follow?

What % of extra amount will be treated as priciple and interest?

Let say for 20L laon im planning to repay 5L ealry in one shot.

Please guide me in this case.

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  1. Hi,

    If you are ready to pay 5L in one go, then there will be a recalculation .In your case it amounts to you asking for a loan of 15L .With this loan of 15L you have two options
    a) You can either reduce the tenure of your loan with same existing EMI .
    b) Or you can reduce the EMI keeping tenure same.

    SInce your case will be (b), the situation now is same as if you have taken a 15L loan for same tenure with same interest rate you had applied for.

    Also this holds if you pay 5L towards principle payment.
    I can see around 4k of reduction in your EMI, but don’t know the tenure so can’t tell exactly how much will it be.

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