HIV, Insurance help need some information regarding basics?

I am new to this whole insurance and HIV business, I have insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

And i want to know say if HIV medication cost 1500$ a month, how much do the insurance companies pay and how much do i have to pay? Its a scenario so no spcific answer is required, can they deny you of medical expenses such as HIV-medication altogether because it is so HIGH? How do they decide?

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  1. usually your insurance company (health) and prescription insurance company (prescriptions) are two different companies. The best bet is to go to a pharmacy and have them run the prescriptions- they can then tell you what your portion will be.
    Of course, if you know who your prescription coverage is from, they should also have drug prices and copays available on their website.
    Even if the cost is super high ($1500 like you said), you should only pay a portion of it. I have not heard of a company refusing to pay for medication, although they may need prior authorization from your doctor. I have a medication I take (humira) which is $2500 a month, and I pay $100 out of pocket, as an example of a copay.
    Best Wishes.

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