3 Replies to “Hi,Is it possible to avail housing loan by me and my siblings when the property is in our father name ?”

  1. It depends on bank policy. Generally bank mortgage 3rd party assets and give loan with the consent of real owner. In your case, your father will require to get house mortgage in favour of bank and also give no object certificate for availing loan on the security of his house. Bank will also look into your paying capacity and according to your present income will decide what amount can be given as loan. Better you visit your banker express your desire to take loan. They will inform you, policy of their bank and necessary formalities.

  2. Possible, if your father agrees to give his property on mortgage to the bank, for the loan availed by you and the bank agrees to lend a home loan to you three, on such a mortgage.

    A. Rajagopalan

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