4 Replies to “hi,i am 22 years old and i would like to take a short term lic policy..can u guys suggest me a policy..?”

  1. If you can go for HDFC life then try its sampoarn samridi plan it will give life time risk with short term investment,nd wil also give u withdrawal optin without changing ur risk plan.
    For more details you should visit HDFC LIFE.

  2. Thanks for asking , According your question i think you should not only like to invest for short term but also wants to withdraw within that time. If i think right then i don`t suggest about LIC for you , because you will not getting more in their with short term investment , its always good for long term need ( more than 10 yrs. ). You may try with recurring deposit scheme in various nationalise bank or post office.

  3. Hi

    I am very glad that u are thinking of saving some money at the early age.. First i must congratulate you.

    But secondly I must tell you one important thing that u are committing a big mistake. And I am very sad all the member’s except few are suggesting insurance for you. I just want to remind you one thing that u are goi to commit the same mistake millions of indians committed due to the financial illiteracy.

    Reason for the second statement:

    1. Insurance is different from investment.

    Insurance is only needed for those who have dependents. as you are young no need of insurance for you. you can think of insurance at the age or 25 or 26. (while marriage).and you must take term insurance.

    The insurance policy is of many kinds money back, endowment, and wholife term and ulip. and finally term plan.

    All policies give only low returns and not able to meet the insurance cover also. So best is to opt for term plan.

    Investment part:

    Debt and equity

    Ppf, fd,rd and debt mutual funds


    Direct stocks, Mutual fund thru SIP.

    Best long term wealth creation is to invest in mutual fund thru SIP. so with age fin ur hands go for sip with good diversified funds.

    U can make ur money work for you.

    For reference of the above fact visit following websites



    So NO No to LIC policy. dont get into that trap

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