4 Replies to “Hi which bank give best intrest on FD?”

  1. Hi, I think bank offer very low interest rate. Many good companies offer better interest rate. See source 1

    However, if you still want to go for a bank FD, try HDFC FD see source-2

  2. there are many deposit schemes to fetch more interest in nationalised Banks. if you are a senior citizen and more period of time and if you opt for compounding ( without drawing the interest) you will get good rates: suppose if you are depositing for 5 years: the interest rate is 9%: but if you put in reinvestment plane you will get more: This is a scheme available in Banks like IOB: called RDP ( reinvestment plan). you can also see the interest rates fro deposits of various banks which you think good can see in their website: GOOD lUCK!

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