Hi i want to know what is share market how buy stock in it?

hi i want to know what is share market how i buy stock in it what is BSE,NSE and NIFTY,SENSEX.
An also help me what is mutual fund,ulip,SIP

Hi i want to know what is share market how buy stock in it?
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  1. How to buy and sell shares in stock market?
    When we are talking about buying and selling of shares, there are mainly two type of shares we can trade. First is the IPO’s and second is the regular shares daily traded in the stock market. Both IPO and regular shares can be traded through online trading. Online trading is the most convenient way of buying and selling of shares from the comfort of your house or office. You are not authorized to buy or sell shares directly from the stock exchange. Only brokers can trade shares on your behalf. There are quite a few brokers available in India who provides online share trading facility. Like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI etc.

    Is investing in shares really risky?
    When you are thinking to buy shares and you are a ‘first timer’, think like a business man instead of a trader. This type of thought process will drastically reduce the risk involvement in share trading. FOCUS ON COMPANIES FUNDAMENTALS.
    Step-1) List down 5 companies that you remember by its brand name. e.g infosys, Tata Steel, SAIL, Reliance, L&T, Tata Motors, ICICI…
    Step-2) List down 5 companies that you think has a stable product.e.g. Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Hindalco, infosys, ICICI.
    Step-3) List down 5 companies that has made reasonable business in last 3 years.
    e.g. Tata Steel, Infosys, ICICI etc.

    Objective is to know one name that has a strong fundamentals. If you do one hour research in the internet you will get your answer.


  2. direct investment in the stock market is not for beginners, i dont recommend that you buy stocks at all without education.
    the Stock market is a central place where stocks are bought and sold. Stocks represent part ownership of a company, most people buy stocks to hopefully sell later for higher price.

    BSE abd NSE would be companies available to buy they all have 3 letter codes.

    Mutual funds are companies that take peoples money and invest on their behalf. if you are new to this it maybe best to use a mutual fund. (Note in poor economic times they preform badly, but they have more expertise then you do).

    without really knowing what you are doing you shouldnt buy directly in the market, you’ll probably lose money. or at best break even

  3. BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange.
    NSE is the National Stock Exchange.
    Sensex is the index value of the BSE, that is 30 prestigious companies from all fields in the market are selected and their equivalent contribution to the market is calculated.
    Sensex stands for Sensitive Index.
    Nifty is similar to SENSEX but is for the NSE and 50 stocks are considered instead of 30.
    To buy shares you need a demat account which you can obtain from a nearby stock broker.
    For more info check out http://bseindia.com/

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