hi i want to invest 10000 rs . kingly tell me how and where should i invest?

i am a student & i want to invest 10000 rs. in share market or i want to invest it somewhere so that i could get maximum profit. from it. Now please tell me what is the best option for me to invest 10000 rs.

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  1. my suggestion is to invest these money in your carrier dear because being a student it is the time to make your carrier so do some computer course and then earn more every month

  2. Keep in mind that higher profits come with higher risk. Since you are a student, I assume you won’t have much time to monitor your investments. Therefore, I would suggest buying a low-cost, well-diversified mutual fund.

  3. U better go for F.D with a Nationalised Bank…for 3 months after a few days again the rate of interests r
    going to increase,then u can go for better interest / plan.
    As a student do not waste ur time in Share markets /gambling.
    All the best.

  4. I hope you are above 18 years of age and have got a PAN card (since you want to invest in share market). Any investment in share market carries with it risk which I hope you understand. The returns are on a number of occasions depended on the market mood over which you may have no control. Since, you are a student, If you want to invest for your future studies, one best way could be to invest in safe investments like post office NSC, Fixed deposits of banks. These carry no risk and they will give you a decent return and liquidity will also not be a criteria.

    But, in my opinion, I will advise you to invest the money safely by using it for purchasing good / excellent books and use them to improve your knowledge. This will give you returns till the end of your life.

  5. As you are student, my suggestion is invest in Index fund like S&P CNX 500 fund from Benchmark or new Fidelity Valuefund NFO. This will give you good long term return. There is no short cut unless you want to treat stock market as lottery or gambling!!

  6. Your are on the right path.

    It’s good to hear that you are planning for the future. Very few do that.

    Since your time horizon I expect to be long, you can invest in stock market.

    Power of Compounding will come in effect over long period of times.

    If you need more safer option then you can go for PPF, Post Office, FD, Mutual funds.

    Start Early. Save Early. Retire Safely. This is my InvestingMantra.

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