7 Replies to “Hi i m student. I want to invest in mutual fund as i heard its safe.?”

  1. If I were you I would invest in SP500 Index called I think spider ask your broker and he will tell you that SP500 consistently has been outperforming any mutual funds or brokers.

  2. Thats truly a good choice, and the best thing would be to find out if any of your relatives or friends or friends relatives are distributing mutual funds, its very necessary to approach someone whom you know because, there are many many pitfalls, no amount of research will help you beat the experience and trust of someone whom you know.
    So call your friend or relatives and ask them.


  3. hello boy,
    i ll tell you some usefull thing . the reallthing s that mutual fund s depends up share market . it does not give you a monthly profit. it s fit for long term investment.
    if u want ang guidence means mail to me
    [email protected]
    thank u

  4. Hi
    Mutual Fund is similar to a “cooperative store” in the sense – all small investments are pooled and invested in a portfolio of investment which can’t be brought by any of the individual contributory.

    A small investor cannot buy a portfolio of investments. He can invest in one company. If the company fails; he loses everything.

    In mutual fund; the profit does not depend on single company as there is portfolio of investments. Hence the risks are reduced by diversification which is not available to small investors.

    Thus mutual funds are safe in the sense it has lesser risk than investing on a single company’s shares.

    However it also has many risks – please read the offer document carefully.


  5. You heard wrong. It is not safe. Some are safer than others though. Returns normally are not generated monthly. More commonly annually. You need to be able to understand and know what the risks are when investing in mutual funds. Some of the best performing mutual funds in India had a negative return of about 10% during January. They are down about 15% during the last 3 months. Keep that in mind.

    However, because of the recent correction, now might be a good time to buy. On the other hand it might not be either. The correction could run a while longer.

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