10 Replies to “Hi ..I am srinath and i want invest the money aout 3to 6 K per month some for my savings like retirement?”

  1. you can go for SIP.. Systematic Investment Plan.. and Additionally you can opt for a right amount of Life Insurance.. Dont go for ULIP.. Better consult some companies like Reliance Mutual Funds or ICICI Prudent.. SBI Mutual Funds.. be systematic in your investments.. it will reward you with unimaginable returns.. or you can invest directly into stock markets.. only for investment .. no trading or speculation.. strictly no to those.. or Buy Gold..
    monthly you can buy some good company stocks for long term.. or into real estates.. buy a land which has good long term potential.. Financial Markets or Real Estates.. there is no other investment gives you such return in long term..
    or you can visit http://www.moneycontrol.com

  2. Is this money from earned income? Most employers offer a 401(k) plan, which lets you save money for retirement without paying taxes on the interest. Some employers even “match” a portion of the money you put in – that’s free money! If you have this option, it’s almost certainly the best choice. You can also put $ 5k per year into a Roth IRA.

    A 401(k) is an account, not an investment. You then have to decide where to invest the money within that account. Usually they offer a small list of choices which you should look over.
    The tradeoff for not owing taxes on retirement savings is that you really can’t access that money until retirement age. If you want to save for a house or something, this is not the place to do it.

  3. If you do not want to study the investment scenario etc, join a good mutual fund scheme from a reputed fund house. Join for SIP ( synstematic investment plan ) – keep investing month by month in the scheme for a long time and you will reap the rich dividends/ returns over a period of time. If possible, do invest in “growth” option instead of “dividend” option. This will lead to cumulation effect and your unit holdings will be much more under “growth” option.

    Another ( and much more profitable ) way is keep investing in good quality of shares directly from the market. Select a couple of top class companies / growth stories and keep purchasing the shares of these companies month after month. This will give you much more returns. Ofcourse you need to keep reading about these companies in newspapers, magazines, websites etc to keep track of what is happening ( and to switch in case there is a problem ). In short – you need to “own” the investment decision. But this is the sure shot way to increase your money in the long run. And over the period you can start withdrawing some money from this to invest into debt instruments or Bank FDs etc as you become aged.

  4. Hi Srinath

    If you are looking for investments that are meant for yuor retirement than u should invest in such a way that you end up with enough Capital at the end to match ur needs which are at par as per the inflation.generally the Inflation seems to rise about 100% in 10 – 15 years time.So yuor income should meet the expenses to be incurred at your retirement.

    You should invest in such a way that is safe and good return enabled.For that i would advise you to invest in the following manner :

    25% in Fixed Deposit
    25% in Reccuring deposit
    25% in Growth based good Midcap Fund
    25% in Directly in Equities.

    In this manner 75 % of your money is safe. To make the 25% of equities investment safer i suggest you go through a good protfolio manager who handles such small investments and atleast you shall not loose money if you invest directly.

    The chances of appreciation in FD is 8 – 9% annualy, 4 – 5 % in Recurring deposit annualy and about 12 % in good Funds annualy.For the equities it can be -25% to 100% (or more).This is where u can take a chance to maximise your return and save good money for your retirement.I know one site who invest safely in and manages small porftolios, his website is :http://hughprofit.webs.com



  5. Visit http://www.valueresearchonline.com to understand mutual funds.

    Invest via SIP in the top rated funds , preferably large cap & balanced funds.

    You can invest via SIP in the following funds
    70% in
    1) HDFC TOP 200
    2) DSPBR TOP 100

    30% in

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