2 Replies to “Help me in understanding SBI PPF account’s benefits and drawbacks.?”

  1. benefits ~ tax free return . Will get Rs 100 lakhs return after 30 years .( Have to invest Rs 1 lakh yearly ) . If you want more then keep it There for 10 years Also . just do it …

    no drawbacks …

  2. Benefits and drawback of PPF and not SBI PPF.
    I feel SBI PPF is best as they also provide online access to our PPF account.
    Great Returns – 8.8% Compounded Annually
    Lowest Risk as Public Provident Fund Scheme is a statutory scheme of the Central
    Government of India.
    No Tax on Interest Earned
    Will give tax benefit under section 80C of Income tax
    No tax on withdrawal (as PPF comes under EEE that is exempt, exempt, exempt)
    Flexibility of Investment – You can invest from Min. Rs.500 per annum to Maximum Rs.100000 per Annum by this Scheme.
    The Corpus accumulated under PPF is exempt from all types of Wealth Taxes.

    The Interest rate keeps changing
    The Long lock-in period of 15 years
    Lack of Liquidity


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