health insurance and health insurance india!?

I would like to know more about the health insurance and health insurance india has to offer. I am looking for only good life insurance companies in india

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  1. health insurance and health insurance in india are many, but i have personally bought hdfc ergo health insurance. It seemed reliable with a very good company known for its brand name. Hope you might get the help needed in the below mentioned link!

  2. Life and General Insurance is different. GI companies offer Health Insurance whic is generally knows as mediclaim insurance.

    Apollo Munich offers HI that is simple to understand and one without any sublimits.

    Have a nice day!

  3. In india health insurance is must because hospitalization is very costly there two part in company one is government and another is private.

  4. Priya, as I understand you meant to say good Insurance companies giving best Health Insurance. Because as most of them have stated Life Insurance and health insurance companies in India are different, well that apart.
    There are 2 parts to a good Health insurance product:
    1) The product should have the maximum coverages and min. exclusions with comparable premium
    2) The company issuing the product.

    why I said 2 parts is some of the products may be very best in design & features, but the Issuing companies service may be pathethic

    otherwise the product may be not that excellent, or with max features, but comparable features, but the service of the company Issuing the policy may be excellent.

    (as per my view) One thing we Indians forget , that we take Insurance to have the peace of mind in times of emergency and agony. We just compare the features, and buy the cheapest of them all.
    In health Insurance, mind you the diffrent new Fringe features by the new companies, just to attract the customers are useless. Some of them are just there to add no. of features, means most of them would not need it, or some may need it but the amount paid by the company in such conditions will be paltry.

    Only taking a policy should not be easy, getting service also should be. Taking money for some companies is very easy, and they make the customer very comfortable, but at the time of the claim, he has to run from pillar to post, or atleast wait for their decision for months that also they may pay all of part of it.

    There fore dont compare apples with orange and go only for the lowest premiums,
    for that matter Bajaj Allianz ( I know pays in 14Days of claim Launch), and HDFC Ergo are the respectable ones who are expected to serve you more tension free than others.

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