6 Replies to “Have you suffered loss in stock market?”

  1. If you make losses continuously it means you are not investing with proper analysis of the fundamentals of the market and the stock. you should take a break and introspect where were you going wrong. booking profit regularly keeping stop losses and before investing knowing the in and out of the stock is essential . if you are trading only on some ones tips surely you can not make profits. share market investment is a Professional business requires full time analysis.

  2. the majority of people have, as most of their retirement funds have lost half their value in the past year.

    there are only three people who win in the long-run.

    1. quantitative traders who take advantage of market inefficiencies
    2. managers of other people’s money, who earn interest on profit, but are not liable to losses.
    3. the elite, who control the market or know those who do.

    if you really want to make money, be number 1. Study statistics and quantitative finance, then all the products of the market. Finally you will find ideas, and build strategies around them with all the tools at your disposal.

    lotta luck mon

  3. Yes, like everyone else, I have also suffered loss in the stock market

    What to do? …well I have quit trading…

  4. keep patience. stock market is the market for smart and patience person. if you are having losses then don’t sell your stocks and try to keep average your share prices..be alert and active all the times and go through the business updates all the time

  5. I lost 15 K in one morning.

    I adjusted my criteria for purchasing stocks and decided to stick with big, well established companies.

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