Good Guaranteed return pension plan ????

Please suggest a Good and Best Pension Plan of any company (private or government) which gives me a guaranteed return approx 25000/- every month (as pension) after 20 years up to my death and then after to my wife up to her death and then lumsum amount to my Son also.
Right now premium does not matter.
100% risk free plan.
Don’t suggest any market linked plan please…
Here is 20 yrs tenure/period. In this tenure unfortunately i will die between the ccompletion of tenure the policy gives lumsum amount to my dependent (wife or son) and also pension to my wife and son.
Presently i am 30 years old and my wife is 27 years old and Son is 06 months old.

Good Guaranteed return pension plan ????
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  1. Every pension plan has 2 phases. Accumulation phase & annuity phase. In accumulation phase, one need to accumulate money & at the end of it, he need to buy annuity from this amount so as to get pension.

    The return of any of the guaranteed pension plan in India is 6-7% as rest goes towards charges. I advice all people to accumulation through alternative means like PPF so that you get true 9% return during this phase. At the end of this, one can live the life on it’s interest or can buy immediate annuity (you will not opt for it as annuity rates are very lower then interest rate, though guaranteed).

    Most of the pension plan do not have insurance component, so buy a term insurance so that your family get lump sum amount to survive.

    To get 25K pm (3 L Per annum), you need to accumulate atleast 40L.
    for this save atleast 75000 Per year from now

  2. Ok listen Carefully..All pension plan money will invest your money in market (All Company) But I suggest u good plan “Life Partner Plus” from Max New York Life…..
    you take this plan for you and pay 40000 rs per years 10 time then enjoy your child marriage when he is 25 yrs then your pension will more…they will pay u your age 60yrs to 75 yrs 50,000 rs per years AND 2,00,000 rs withdraw from your insurance when u get 50 yrs to 75 yrs…want more more details e-mail me see my yahoo account…e-mail me…Always take from max new york life insurance company……Take care where r u from if u in gujarat call me i will contact u personly…bye take care

  3. What ever you have said, can be worked out. 100%.

    That is,
    Guaranteed pension for you
    After you, pension for your wife,
    After your wife, lumpsum to son.
    Investment NOT in market related instrument
    100% Risk free plan
    20 yr period of investment and pension starting from your age 50.

    It CAN be worked out.

    One thing is for sure, that any pvt company does not have any guaranteed pension plans which are not unit linked. Whether you like it or not, only LIC has it.

    I dont think I can discuss the plan right here, and will be keen on discussing it on 9967280006 or on [email protected].

  4. i will help you out from your place
    you can contact me thro yahoo messenger or please provide your details so that i will contact you

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