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  1. Hi Nitesh,

    If your child is 4 years old, then you would most probably need money for his higher education, which starts at around when he / she would be 17 years old.

    So you have around 13 years for saving.

    Please first decide the kind of education you want to provide him and the amount you would need after 13 years for your child. Based on that and your risk taking capacity you can select any policy provided by insurance companies.

    If you need more help, regarding the same, kindly get in touch with me (check the link below) or any certified financial planner.



  2. Good Child Education plans depend on your preference. As a parent, you would first have to decide why and for how long you wish to remain invested. Once you are aware of the same, you need to decide whether you would like guaranteed returns or would you rather risk your investments to the rise and fall of the market.Only once the above are decided, you should plunge into a child education or insurance plan with the future in mind, as in how much money you would require and when, i.e. at what age of your child.

    Then, to choose and compare the best insurance plan, please log onto http:myinsuranceclub.com.


  3. Hi Nitesh,

    Glad to hear that you are investing in your child future education at an early stage. Kudos to you! Before investing in child education plan you should know as to how much you would be needing in the future for his expenses. Considering you child is just 4 years you still have loads of time before he opts for higher studies where the costs are quite high and by the time he reaches that age it would be too much. You can predict the cost of future education by checking out a kind of a calculator i had found on the net called Aviva Educost. It helps you calculate as to how much exactly you may need depending upon various factors like colleges, career options, etc.

    Also before investing you should:
    – Decide the corpus you wish to provide for your child’s future and the time when the same should be made available. This will influence the choice of premium and the policy term

    – Choose the level of protection you desire

    – Arrive at the amount of premium you wish to pay, which will be determined by step 1&2. Also choose the Premium Payment Term (PPT) and Premium Payment Frequency (PPF) based on your convenience

    – Choose the funds you want to invest in depending on your risk appetite

    Once you are kind of sure about all this you may go for a child education policy/plan.
    Best Wishes for your child’s future 🙂

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