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  1. How about the top 10?

    Information Builders’ customers in the insurance industry are among the nation’s most recognized names, including all 10 of the top 10 Insurers, according to the Financial Times Global 500 list: AIG, Generali, ING, Marsh and McLennan, Travelers, Swiss Re, Allianz, AXA, General Re, Allstate.

  2. Hi, TO know the world’s top insurance company we must know that we are looking for company in the life insurance or the General Insurance. Still Leading and well known brands are Life Insurance Corporation of India, Max, Aviva,Prudential,Allianz,


  3. Fortune does a survey every year of the World’s most admired Companies. The leaders in each industry are given a survey and they rank their COMPETITORS in key areas of performance. Last year’s TOP TEN Life and Health insurance companies are:

    1. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network- 7.49 (score)
    2. New York Life Insurance Company- 7.19
    3. Prudential Financial 7.01
    4. ING 6.23
    5. AXA 6.08
    6. Metlife 5.94
    7.Aegon 5.36
    8. Nippon Life Insurance (Japan) 5.17
    9. Prudential PLC 5.03
    10. Aviva 4.97

    Side note- Northwestern has been ranked number one since they started they survey more than 10 years ago

    Hope this helps!

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