from which sites can I learn stock anyalysis and stock picking for trade in indian stock market?

Kindly let me know the sites which offers free coaching and free e books regarding stock analysis technical analysis and fundamental analysis and how to pick stock for trading

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  1. There are many sites which offers basic information regarding stock
    anlysis technical analysis. They are,,,,, from these sites you will get basic information
    regarding all listed companies.

    But most important thing is to study balance sheet. Actually investing
    is an art. Share prices are decided by various factors like demand and
    supply, company”s performance, promotors reputation, political decesions, international forces, implimention of projects and lot of
    other factors.

    Most important is how fast you book profit and reinvest
    your available funds at proper time means purchase when the market
    is falling and sell when the sensex touch high. You must have timely
    acurate information and price trend of a particular stock.

    This is possible only after constant monitoring of the price movements
    of particular stock. Basic thing is you must have experience in trading
    No one can predict the trend of the market. It is your own decision
    which help you to construct good portfolio.

    Information of the corporation in which it deals and external forces
    affecting their profitability is most important. I give here the example
    Take stock of Sesa Goa, It is mining company exporting iron ore.
    In last 18 months prices of iron ore in international market increased
    tremendously so Sesa Goa made hand some profits in last 2 years
    and given hand some returns.

    It is not just technical analysis and fundamentals but it is more than
    that so how long you are in market and the trends you witnessed is

  2. money control. com is a good web site.
    analysis by the experts you can get from TV business channels like “ndtv profit, cnbc tv 18 and zee business.”
    also you can get news from business papers like “financial express and economic times”.

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