4 Replies to “For upto what amount a depositors account in indian bank is guaranteed?”

  1. For any one bank, the RBI insures deposits for One Lakh Rupees. In case of bankruptcy, you could lose 3 lakh, with the RBI insuring for 1 lakh.

  2. Buddy,
    Bank of Baroda is a nationalized bank and hence your entire 4 lacs is very safe. Do not worry.

    A nationalized bank is somethng that the government of India controls. and hence your money is very safe.

    Even if it is a private bank like ICICI or KVB etc your deposits upto Rs. 1 lac are safe..

    mail me at [email protected] if you need any more details.

  3. Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation of Reserve Bank of India / Government of India, insures for Rs. one lac only per account holder.

    Account holder are different when it is in the name of A
    A+C etc

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