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  1. Hi Parag,

    Now KYC is complulsory for all mutual Fund Investment.

    But no need to go for KYC again and again if the KYC Process is completely successfully.

    How to transact if already KYC complied


    If you are kyc complied (you completed this process successfully) then all you need to submit is acknolwedgement copy of KYC from cvlindia website, visit that website and take the print out of acknolwedgement and submit along with application form if you are opening different schemes, different funds(buying)

    But suppose you want to make changes in residance address then again you need to go for KYC to make changes in residance address.

  2. KYC is a must to invest in any Mutual Fund scheme. However, it is a one time procedure and once you are KYC compliant, you can quote that acknowledgement reference and apply in any MF.