For a well employed doctor age 34 , what life insurence cover is good from LIC?

Tax benefit not a must.
Jeevan anand / Jeevan saral or any other specific plan from LIC.
Request suggest with benefits.
Please avoid any other saving suggestion.
Suggest some from LIC only

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  1. Jeevan Anand gives cover for 10 more years after maturity
    Jeevan Saral provides 250 times your monthly premium as risk cover.
    Please visit
    All ULIp plans are good (MarketPlus I)
    Dian 1251 and you will get an agent at your doorsteps

  2. The one policy each individual must have is a Whole life endowment policy. This policy matures at death or age 100 whichever is earlier. Any other policy cannot be recommended at this juncture without additional information about your financial obligations / goals.

    As you provide more & more information about yourself, we can design such cashflows that will take care of your financial needs as & when they arise.

    Should you wish to discuss your life insurance needs, feel free to contact us at 022 – 24306249 or visit our website

  3. Jeevan Anand provides provides risk cover for life after maturity, with DAB upto 70 years. Jeevan Saral is a very flexible plan with high risk cover (250 times monthly premium). Partial withdrawal is allowed once in a year. No surrender after 5 years. You can also take a combination of both plans.

    Consider taking a term insurance (without any maturity benefit)

    Have a nice day 1

  4. None of the insurance policies with investment / money back benefits is good from LIC or any other insurance company in India. In USA 90% of the people take term insurance (only life risk coverage. I think you will not make any distinction between LIC and SBI or any other nationalised bank.

    You can research my other answers on Life Insurance here and see the illustrations showing the exact calculation of benefits.

    i) First make up your mind how much life risk coverage you want under any Life policy. Get the premium for that policy.

    ii) Then get the premium for Term insurance policy.

    Take the Term insurance policy and the balance of amount (under Life insurance) (i) minus (ii) may be invested in any Nationalised Bank Fixed Desposit.

    Now calculate that LIC would have given you as money back and what you will get as FD encashment. The added benefits are if you stop making Fixed deposits for any reason you do not lose your previous FD amounts. In insurance if you stop paying the premiums in first 3 years you lose very substantial amounts if you want to cancel the policy. Then you have to claim the maturity amount and other hassles of depositing the amounts with LIC is also there.

  5. Buy term for max available duration. Thats pure insurance one needs.

    Everything else is a scam.
    LIC and other indian insurers generally give 250x coverage.
    i.e. Death Benefit = Yearly Premium * 250

    You can solve above equation for your requiremernt.
    If you can get a life insurance in US nothing like it. Same equation becomes
    Death Benefit = Yearly Premium * 1000

    250 & 1000 are sample factors and may change up or down as per your health history.

  6. Hi,

    I am a financial advisor. I am using software to show benefits and illustration in detail of both the policy. I am an expert in making the combination plans with client requirement. Please contact for further details : [email protected]

  7. You must take “JEEVAN SARAL” of LIC which will give you more return with insurance, however JEEVAN ANAND also give you return if you like to make investment for more that 25 year. Your age is very good to take JEEVAN ANAND also. Please take.
    West regards
    Ph +91 97727 33831
    e-mail:[email protected]

  8. hi

    if you feel you r really worthy and having more than Rs 2lacs income per annum and healthy

    my advice is go for pure term insurance named AMULYA JEEVAN 1 from LIC OF INDIA

    in this plan minimum sum insurance is Rs25lakhs and premium is very cheap.The best plan in LIC

    if you r interested pls call at 09444153927

  9. Please consider buying a term insurance plan (Table 190) of LIC for Rs. 25 Lacs. It will cost you around Rs. 10000 p.a. It is a pure risk cover. Means your life is protected but there are no return of money.

    Other plans can be advised after studying your financial profile.

    If in Mumbai, I can be of help. Call up 9322250852

  10. Hi Sir, This side Rakesh Sharma, LIC Advisor, Unit I, Ludhiana Division, Punjab. My contact no.9814074228, my e-mail id [email protected]. Please enquire about Retire and Enjoy from your local agent or give me your contact details so that i may give you proper advise.

    Jeewan Anand Jeewan Ke Saath Bhi Jeewan Ke baad bhi it is based on bonus and loyality and double maturity claim till the age of 99years.
    Jeewan Saral its cheapest plan in premium terms but risk cover only upto 70years age but DAB also available. In this plan you can get loyality later.
    New Bima Gold it is money back plan with 4,8,12,16 and 20years gap. Its premium is also lower side.
    I suggest you can get combination of plans which will favour you later.
    Feel free to contact me all the times.

  11. Dear Sir, You may be master in your field. But try to understand the policies benefits without a proper person of the concern field is no so easy. First you allot some time for for your need which is very necessary for your future, and tell them all your requirements and then chose the proper plan according to the benefits you want. If you are really care for your future planning without hesitation call me i will suggest you some ideas and then you select one which is suitable to you.

    S.Sendilkumarr.LIC Agent.

  12. Sir,

    1. Jeevan Anand is a best product of LIC, Its a higly selling product every policy holder must be have this product in his/er her portfolio, and there is no similar product with any other insurer haveing such type of ficility as provided in Jeevan Anand.

    2. Jeevan Saral is also a good product having flexibility of reducting premium in letter time.

    Sir, Further may I suggest you to please go for product Mix It is most suitable for you:-

    Sir You must go for LICs’ 1. Amulya Jeevan/Anmol Jeevan – Term Insurance- Provide Risk cover
    2. Jeevan Anand – Jeevan Ke Sath Bhi Jeevan Ke baad Bhi
    3. Jeevan Mitrs – Plan 133- Tripple Risk Cover
    4. Money Plus-1/ Market Plus – Provide you handsome return on your investment.

    Please also visit at

    Manoj Ahuja an LIC Agent mobile No.: 9314231642

  13. Dear Doctor:
    You want to seek a policy that will give you the best life-time return and benefits. Remember life insurance is different today. It offers more benefits and flexibility. An old style insurance policy on yourself will only pay someone when you die. Newer insurance policies will also pay you while you are alive if you become critically, chronically, or terminally ill. Seconally, riders are very important. [email protected]

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