First of all I am not very sure if the loan taken ANY fixed deposit is a secured loan.?

Secondly, I also want to know if, I take a loan against a fixed deposit and I am not able to repay it, at the maturity date, I shall have a liability towards bank.
As far as basic logic says, bank did not lend any money to me and what I have is a part of my deposit.Why should bank ask for more money from me then?

Any pointer links to Reserve bank of India with norms for these conditions shall be helpful.

2 Replies to “First of all I am not very sure if the loan taken ANY fixed deposit is a secured loan.?”

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  2. It is a secured loan, infact you already have a Fixed Deposit with bank bank just getting the loan without much paper work or security. It is helpful if you have any emergency or gonna use that money for some productive work..

    Its like the gold loan or property loan

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