Finding Mutual Fund status?

I had registered at some sites, but they are giving NAV values of Mutual funds only at end of day.

Is there any tool or link where I can check my Mutual fund NAV status every 1 hour or 10 minutes based on stock trading?

Finding Mutual Fund status?
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  1. Dear friend,the mutual funds calculate the net asset value at the end of the day only.Hourly calculations r not done by any mutual fund.Some mutual funds even calculate NAV only twice a week.So,on the basis of change in the prices of the shares ,invested by mutual funds,u will not get the NAV as n when required.

  2. mutual funds arte not as a stock usually mf are a heaf of so many stock so at the end of day trading the nav is derived

  3. The NAV is only calculated after the market closes. If you are interested in continual value calculation, you will have to concentrate on exchange traded index funds. Those values however do stray slightly from the actual NAV. They are normally within +- 0.5% but sometimes as much as 1% from the NAV.

  4. hi i am a mutual fund advisor from nj funds network. we are having the facility of e-account for only Rs 500/- wherein you can purchase mutual funds online and check navs curren status and more. for details pls mail me at [email protected]

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