Filing Income Tax Return Online in India?

1. I have income from salary(exceeding 10 Lacs) and interest from savings bank, accrued interest from NSC, Got a gift of residential house from my father worth Rs 6 Lacs and have some short term capital gain (actually loss incurred for this year, but I want to carry forward it to next year).
2. If I want to file income tax return online, should I use ITR2 or ITR4?
3. My dad used to prepare my return and for the last 6/7 years he submitted balance sheet during my return along with ITR1. But if I file my return on ITR2 this year… is there any option to file my balance sheet along with it? If no and if I still want to file my balance sheet how can I do it?
4. Is there any adavantage of filing balance sheet with ITR2?

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  1. ITR2, since you are salaried and have capital gain.
    No balance sheet need to be submitted as ITR2 is annexure less. They won’t accept any doc other than ITR. ITR2 is enough for you.

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