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  1. For an amount of Rs. 10,000/- and above overdraft with cheque book facility is available, to enable use of deposits. The customer shall also be at liberty to make use of the facility through ATM-cum-Debit Card under ‘Anywhere-Anytime Banking’. It will enable customers to have freedom to utilise their Fixed Deposits as and when needed without even coming to the Bank. The interest is chargeable only for the amount and period for which the overdraft facility has been availed.

    Interest Rates for Fixed Deposits(FD)

    15 – 29 days 4.00%

    30 – 45 days 4.75%

    46 – 90 days 5.25%

    91 – 120 days 6.00%

    121 – 180days 8.00%

    181 – 364 days 8.50%

    1 year – not more than 2 years 9.00%

    2 years – not more than 3 years 9.25%

    3 years – not more than 5 years 9.50%

    Above five years 10.00%

  2. There are versions of Microsoft Money for the U.S., U.K., France, Japan, Canada and an International English edition for other English speaking countries. However, Microsoft has announced that it would not release 2006 editions for the U.K., French and international markets. These localized editions have not been updated since Money 2005 and, according to Microsoft, will most likely not receive updates until at least 2008[1]. The last Canadian version was Money 2006.

    In the past, there have been localized versions for other countries, such as Brazil, Germany and Italy. However, these versions were discontinued due to what was believed to be an insufficient user base to justify the expense of localization for more recent versions or the expense to integrate support for the national online-banking standard like HBCI in Germany.

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