Feedback on the MF portfolio?

I have recently started investing in MF. I have started with the following SIPs per month:

HDFC Top 200 Fund (G) – 4000
Birla Sun Life 95 Fund (G) – 3000
IDFC Premier Equity Fund – Plan A (G) – 2000
FT India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds (G) – 1000

I can increase the investment for another 5000 and want to hold the above funds for 3 years. Can anyone please comment on the above portfolio?

Feedback on the MF portfolio?
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2 Replies to “Feedback on the MF portfolio?”

  1. You selection of funds is good.
    Birla Sun life 95 is good balanced fund, but i feel HDFC Prudence is best in Balanced/hybrid funds
    see the compare (refer this link)

    FT India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds is actually very good innovative product, so you can continue in that fund.

    IDFC Premier Equity Fund is also very good selection.

    For increase in investment for another 5000
    You can select
    1. Gold ETF or Gold savings
    2. FMCG (icici fmcg or SBI FMCG)
    3. Pharma (reliance pharma)
    4. Banking (Reliance Banking)

    If looking for diversified funds then
    DSPBR top 100 Equity
    Franklin India Bluechip fund
    HDFC Equity fund in your portfolio

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