Fedaral bank of india is good for savings acc?

Hi to all. What you think about this bank ? Is it safe for opening saving account and internet banking?

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  1. federal bank is very good for savings account. leading bank from kerala. they have good internet banking called fednet.
    while booking railway ticket through fed net, no transaction charge applicable. other banks like sbi and hdfc charging 10 or more than 10 rs.

    minimum balance is 1000 .

  2. Hi

    things and questions need to look before opening an account

    1. Accessible, in case of any problem

    2. No.of Atm in the city and near by locality(After 5 transaction it costs u)

    3.minimum balance

    4.Response from the officials.

    generally u can find many atms of sbi it is better to have that…if you are getting salary in that account all banks offer you zero balance acc which will not levy any charges for internet transaction.

    Generally if you are a salaried individual have one private bank, and one govt bank.


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