employer not clearing dues after leaving company?

I have left the company in Apr 2006. At first the company told me to hand over all company property like car, laptop, mobile which I did immediately. Even then after more than a year since, they are not clearing my dues. They are raising issues which are totally untrue and seem to be finding excuses not to clear

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  1. If the employee fails to receive the payment from the employer after having entered into full and final settlement of the account, the employee can file a civil suit for recovery of office dues. In case gratuity has not been paid then the employee can proceed under the provisions of Payment of Gratuity Act and then in case Provident Fund has not been released after the employee leaving, then he can proceed under the provisions of the Provident Fund Act

  2. Apply for PF transfer from last employer. You need to apply in the standard form & submit application to new employer. Also tell the new employer to send them reminders every week for this.

    For dispatching your PF, they will have to finilise your settlements. This method worked for me once.

  3. have u resigned to your job from the services of the company, u had any official correspondence that you had resigned on so and so date. 2. what is the rule mentioned in your appointment for leaving the job. after a long period they did not clear the dues you can write a letter to pf authorities and labour authorites stating that you hav resigned for the job and claiming the benefits such as pf, bonus, lta and etc, etc. Actually after resigning from the services the company not interested to give all the benefits, some benefits may withdrawn against your claim. find the labour inspector and give him the brief about the position or you can consult labour advocate that you u r not getting justice from the company after resigning from the service also. best of luck.

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